We can't make "Tell Them I Am Kind" without your help!  Donations of any size are welcome and every dollar goes to the production of our documentary.

Tell Them I am Kind" is a fully independent documentary created and produced by Sit. Good Girl Productions, LLC.  No funds from the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Inc. or Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary will be used in the production of this film.

This is How to Donate and What Your Donation Will Receive:

$5 - Our never-ending thanks
$10 - A thank you tweet and Facebook thanks
$25 - All of the above and the opportunity to put a picture of a loved pet on our Facebook page
$50 - All of the above and your name and pet's picture added to our website
$100 - All of the above plus access to a password protected special screening of our film when it is complete
$250 - All of the above plus a commemorative DVD copy of the film when it is complete and special thanks in the credits
$500 - All of the above but instead of special thanks, you will receive Associate Producer credit on the film
$1000 - All of the above, but instead of Associate Producer credit, you will be receive a Special Producer credit on Tell Them I am Kind

Our hope is to ultimately make our film available to all of our supporters -- and to find a broadcast home.  The first screening will be for supporters at the $100 level and above.  We hope to ultimately offer a second screening for all of our TTIAK family.   And please remember, every dollar will continue to go towards the production of our film.  We would like to raise an additional $10,000-$15,000 to finish our film -- in order to make it available to everyone.   We hope everyone will consider a donation!

Donations using PayPal:

Every single dollar donated will go towards production costs.  We have completed our filming, and now the post-production begins! 

And your donation will not go unnoticed!  You will join our online credit roll (anonymously if preferred) we will tweet thank you's and if you send a picture of your pet, you and your pet, your kids and your pet -- we will post it on both the Tell Them I Am Kind and Sit. Good Girl FB pages!  If there's a special message, we will post that too.   Once you donate, please send your twitter handle and pictures to  

Thank you!

Please inquire with us directly at about other forms of payment.